W dniu 1 luty b.r. w świetlicy cechu odbyło się Spotkanie Opłatkowe dla emerytów i rencistów naszego cechu. Wspólna modlitwa z udziałem ks. Stanisława Czernika pozwoliła umocnić się duchowo wszystkim zebranym na nowo rozpoczęty rok.


  • Rock mówi:

    Good point. I hadn’t thuhogt about it quite that way. :)

  • Fredblogs ~ Geller is a nutjob of the first order, and a zionist. Where have you been? The Park 51 controversy in New York last year was entirely manufactured by her.Loonwatch have been tracking Geller’s craziest statements and updating regularly.Geller adores nuclear weapons and has call for Israel to use them on (as revenge for the holocaust), and she also endorses as US Presidential candidate in 2016, saying “she gets it”.I’ve linked above to an excellent video of a real journalist taking on Geller, Lauren Lyster from RT:

  • Halper is little more than (yet) another tedious left gatekeeper who barely disguises his unerring efforts to preserve the exclusive tribal nature of the Zionist entityNo, he’s not. As well as acting on the ground, he gives talks, educating people about what he does, illustrating the point that he’s not only someone who engages in direct action, but who takes the time to explain those direct actions.Your comment is rather strange.

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